SARA Meeting Details

SARA Meeting Details Page ~ last update: 11 Nov 2023

WE had a 'Live' SARA Meeting 08 Nov 2022 - see below!! Are we past COVID?
All Visitors are Always Welcome to club meetings!

Regular SARA business meetings are scheduled in advance

- we may have 'extra meetings' when desired with notification by email or posting.

- meetings are on the 2nd Tuesday of each month @ 7:00PM (19:00)local.

- 13 December 2022 is a 'special dinner meeting' with guests invited ~ see 'Announcements' menu item.

Covid-19 - Zoom Virtual Meetings is the new normal! We will be doing 'Zoom' meeting into our live SARA meetings.

Covid-19 has been {pre-Nov 2022} forcing us to 'skip' physical meetings. We use Zoom Meetings (Web App) to hold our virtual/video meetings. See "Video Meeting Setup Hints" ~ for information and links to get you help setting up your Zoom. We are doing this for both the ARES-Skywarn meetings (6:00 PM on 'odd number' months) and the SARA regular meetings (7:00 PM each month except December) until further notice (started April, 2020). We will continue to use the Zoom meeting process going forward to allow attendees to meet without requiring physical travel to the club meeting location.

Physical meetings are back in session, 07 Nov 2022 (considered 'post COVID'). We are meeting at the

VE testing, fourth Thursday of even numbered months, has it's own link/page (see item in header of each page), is now 'on Hold' (since early 2020) but we always start at 6:30 PM (paperwork) and 7:00 PM for testing.

All new and prospective hams, as well as the general public, are always invited to our meetings! Shiawassee Amateur Radio Association's [SARA] meetings are held monthly on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM, except the month of December. The December meeting is replaced by a dinner event with spouses/guests attending. COVID has impacted our schedule here, but we are looking for a normal schedule going forward. The December meeting has historically been held at a local restaurant which is decided just before the event. Watch this "Meetings page" for details.

Meeting Information [ARES & SARA]

ARES & Skywarn Meetings

ARES / Skywarn meeting dates are as follows starting at 6:00 PM local on the second Tuesday of the odd numbered months. We will use 'Zoom Meeting' for all meetings until further notice. These are separate from SARA club activities and are for all hams in our local area and any guests.

2022 ARES Meeting Dates

  • January 11

  • July 12

  • March 08 ~ Cancelled!

  • September 13

  • May 10

  • November 08 ~ Live meeting at James P. Capitan Center @ 6:00 PM.

2022 SARA Meeting Dates

Regular SARA club dates start at 7:00 PM local on the second Tuesday of each month. We will use 'Zoom Meeting' for all meetings during COVID.

  • January 11

  • July 12

  • February 08

  • August 09

  • March 08

  • September 13

  • April 16 {See Note}

  • October 11

  • May 10

  • November 08 - We will have a live meeting at the James P. Capitan Center; 149 E, Corunna Ave.; Corunna, MI and we will be using Zoom Meeting at the same time. Building entry requires a carded entry - so pound and yell till we here you or try calling Phil Bates at [810] 919-9906 Starting at 7:00 PM.

  • June 14

  • December 13 ~ Christmas Dinner Special at "Rivals Cafe" SE corner of M-21 and State Rd. in Corunna.

NOTE (1): The April, 2022 meeting is scheduled to be at Kevin Middleton's house, 1510 Cook Rd., Owosso, MI 48867 on a Saturday ~ at 10:30 am [bring a dish to pass for lunch after meeting]. We will fire up W8QQQ starting noon, going until midnight, for the Michigan QSO party. This is the first "in-person" meeting in a long time, so please support if you can. See 08 March SARA Minutes for further information.

The club radio station, W8QQQ, is still in a state of flux. Watch SARA minutes for status reports as we make changes.

We activate the club station, W8QQQ, for many contests and by appointment. Contact us for arrangements if you would like to use the station.

We are currently looking for 'physical' space for club meetings, classes, and radio room operations. Watch for future announcements. The Shiawassee EOC went under 'lock down' for COVID and is not available to support us at this time (Sep-2021 onward).

Zoom Meeting Setup

Thinking all parties may not have experience using this technology, we will try to deliver method details for you to setup a computer system for checking into the Zoom video conference. You will need access to a computer system with sound card and preferably with web camera capabilities and of course an internet connection. Most newer laptops have these 'built in'. Many desktop systems can have these added in. We assume you will be able to work the step out on your own (proper installation of a microphone and web camera can be searched on the internet). You can call in from a smart phone for 'conference call' {phone only} type connection. You could use a 'tablet' but they have their own set of issues (you are on your own here).

We are aware of the potential security risk on the Zoom application, but we do not believe we have sensitive information that we will be discussing. Just, 'Be Aware' that anything said on the call may be picked up by others and meeting conversations should be considered Non-confidential and an open type of conversation.

We suggest you install 'Google Chrome' as your browser for Zoom calls and obtain a Gmail email address for supporting your Zoom activity. Do the following before attempting to connect.

  1. Get/use a Gmail email address. Gmail Site.

  2. Download/Install Google 'Chrome' Web Browser. Google Chrome Page.

  3. Video conference invitation link is in menu on left side when you start Chrome. When you enter the link information you will automatically link to the call. You will need the
    Meeting ID 131 210 639 and the Password: 190320 (we put this in the footer page on each web page).
    You can try to directly join Zoom Meeting with this URL: . You will need to enter the password.
    You use 'Skype for Business' at: . You will need to enter the password.

    That "" stuff is due to the help of Dennis Phillips, KC8ETW, and his setting us up on the MSU system. THANK YOU Dennis!

Contact us if you have any issue and we will try to walk you through, it really not that complex when you follow the right process. Under the "SARA Club Items" Menu see "Zoom Call Setup" for a detailed routine.