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Listed events are within about 150 miles from Owosso/Corunna Area. Michigan and some Indiana and Ohio.

Some events are 'outside' this radius, but they seem to draw interest from some of the SARA members. PLEASE check the individual web links for current information for event details, as these can occasionally change. The sponsoring club’s web site is a great place to look for updates on current details and see what they are currently up to. You can usually find more on the ARRL Swaps page at the Calendar web site. ARRL Hamfest Calendar. They may have 'better' data, always double check the sponsoring organization's website - if available.

Our list is in month date order, so January of 'next year' may appear before a "later month" of the current year. Enjoy the information and let us know if we need to update or add anything. Some SWAPs we may not have good web links for... if you have better information, please let us know.

We try to keep this list 'current', but it can be a challenge. The use of '(??)' means we have no official information for this event at this time (it is a 'swag' - usually based historical data). Check their link to see what that organization has posted. Travel is at your own risk!  Date information is just our best "ESTIMATE". See our 'Page Last Updated' line at top of this page for when our data was last looked through for by this site. Beyond this, some care from you is required! Happy Treasure Hunting and have great socializing with others! 

Many dates are based on past information and are assumed to be comparable dates... PLEASE double check before traveling!

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