Field Day2023

SARA FD 2023 Page ~ last update: 27 Jun 2023

This year's Field Day was held at the Durand Sportsman's Club located on East Prior Road just south of Durand, MI. This site was a wonderful location. Lots of open space along with shaded areas. We even had access to a log cabin for food prep and storage.

Setup began Friday night in the rain with putting up the tent. The tent is a 16'x16' framed squad level tent donated by the Clinton County Emergency Services. This tent can be setup by just two people but having some extra hands makes it go faster.

Saturday brought better weather and it was time to start setting up antennas and stations. Since there were a number of large trees, we decided to not put up any antenna masts. Instead using Don's (WB8GUS) antenna shooter we shot lines into the trees and suspended the antennas. We put up two Windom off-center feed antennas and a sota beam dipole.  Kevin also put up his Cameleon vertical antenna for use with the GOTA station. Saturday evening we had our typical BBQ venison sandwiches and tuna noodle salad. With no bake cookies and brownies provided by Jodie Thompson, K8NZB. 

We operated SSB, CW, and digital stations across 80M, 40M, 20M and even 15M.

Sunday we operated until approximately 11:30am before starting the tear down.

We had two 'out-of-state' guests come out to work and operate. KQ4LE, William "Kevin" Wood from Georgia and K8XR, Larry Sheridan from Florida.

Out Comm Tent

Don on 40M

Yes we even had a CW operator, Kevin.

Kevin at the GOTA station

The Tear Down Crew

Dennis, Don, Kevin, Kevin, Larry (left to right)

This was a great place to hold field day!

We had all the conveniences of home

Field Day Sites across the US

This is composite image of field day sites that registered with the ARRL this year (2023).