New Ham Internet Links

New Ham Internet Links ~ last update:  26 Mar 2024

Internet Linking for New Hams

When you are starting out a new venture {i.e. Ham Radio}, a few good internet links can really be useful. Links selected by other Hams that include great information for hams and some related links can save you time. These links lead you  good and accurate information. Individual backgrounds will be widely variable but some direction(s) to get started may assist any new ham, so checkout the following:

Shiawassee Amateur Radio Association [SARA] page links:

ARRL - [American Radio Relay League]

Federal Communications Commission [FCC] ~ Amateur Service

                                                                                       {The First Place a New License Shows Up}

Call Sign Lookup

Internet Materials

Some other interesting areas ...

There are many, many sites with ham radio topics. They range from zero previous knowledge to very deep knowledge required. Keep searching, your needed level of knowledge is out there - you can find it!  Take your time and enjoy your hobby. Make the hobby  what "YOU" want it to be.   73 from SARA!