2022 VE Testing

SARA VE 2022 testing dates are being setup at a new location.


Perry VFW, 601 N Main, Perry, MI, 48872


TBD @ 6:30 PM Paperwork / testing 7:00 P.M.


Face Mask (not required) and Social Distance will be Enforced.

Our test team is almost 100% Covid vaccinated.

Enter 'South Entrance' and look for the testing team.

We will ask about your vaccine status. We will require a contact phone number and will make a temperature check when you arrive. We will use the State of MI COVID meeting status to establish our guidelines for the testing sessions.

We suggest you use the ARRL VE Testing locations page to search for any other testing locations.

SARA Testing PRE-REGISTER and Reservation Contact:

A reservation is very strongly requested, but we will accept walk-ins if we are there. If no one reserves a session, we do not show for testing and sometimes there is a 'last minute' change on location or detail that Tom Carpenter can assist you with. Please contact:

Tom Carpenter, KI8AS ~ Testing Coordinator

You can email: ki8as78 "at" (replace "at" with @) or Phone: (cell) [989] 277-2262.

Remote Online Ham Exams

Some VE organizations have setup 'do it at home' online exam sessions. SARA's suggested path right now is through Ham Study. org. Read their right side 'blog notice' (Press Release), then do the 'Find a Session' link at top of right side links. This is a "free" study and testing site ~ Ignore the 'Buy the App' link - it will tell you it is free. Checkout to connect to their blog.

Our local SARA group found some local concerns and will not pursue remote testing at this time.

FCC Registration - Pretest Requirement

ULS & FRN System ~ You MUST register with the FCC to obtain or change an amateur radio license. The Universal Licensing System (ULS) and FCC registration and filing systems were deployed in the Amateur Service on August 16, 1999. To conduct business with the FCC, you must register through the FCC COmission REgistration System [CORES]. You will be assigned a Federal Registration Number (FRN). This number will be used to uniquely identify you in all transactions with the FCC. To conduct business with the FCC you must register in CORES (COmission REgistration System) and receive your FRN (Federal Registration Number) before sitting for an exam. This is to ensure your license is processed quickly and accurately through the FCC's ULS (Universal Licensing System). To do this you must register through FCC CORES and be assigned an FRN. If you are already licensed, you have already registered ~ Check your license on the database to obtain your FRN.

View the FCC web page New Users guide to ULS for step by step instructions on the registration process. [GO HERE to get your FRN.] The FCC has taken great strides to make the ULS and the CORES easy to use and has devoted a section of their website to the Amateur Radio Service. Discussion suggets that a "valid e-mail" address will be a requirement to interface with the FCC (probably early in 2021) You should estabilish your method to meet the new requirement, we would suggest using a 'Gmail' or 'ARRL' based (if already licensed) as these reflectors can establish a longterm 'common' address at the FCC. The FCC is going 'Green' which means interfacing with them will become 'all electronic' and if your e-mail goes invalid then your license will be terminated.

You MUST bring your FRN with you to the test site for usage before you are allowed to test!.

Paperwork Required:

Bring along a photo ID, copy of license (if any) and certificates of completion (if any). The FRN that you now MUST HAVE ahead of time!

The FCC now requires a 'valid email address', started July, 2021.

The paperwork is promptly started at 'start time' (at 6:30 P.M.) & Testing at 30 minutes after start time (7:00 P.M.) Please arrive by the start time (nominally 6:30 P.M.) to allow paperwork completition prior to testing. If it is a 'special testing' event, start time may change, but structure is the same.

If you have any special requests, let us know ahead of time.

SARA is certified under the ARRL VEC. SARA has a "special" testing sessions in June (not at regular time/location). It is held at our Field Day site (3rd full weekend in June ~ the Saturday). Testing time at this event is different ... check ahead for the details

SARA Testing Schedule [ARRL Ham VE]

Sara's {normal} Testing Schedule Information

We ask for you to Preregister for testing - See Tom Carpenter informaion above. If there are no 'Preregistered Requests' we DO NOT HAVE A TESTING EVENT!! {Traveller's Beware!}

Current Scheduling is follows. Testing is generally on the "fourth Thursday of even months except February and June". If there is a holiday on that Thursday, then there is no testing for that month ~ mainly Christmas. We skip June's 'regular testing' and use our Field Day site (on Saturday). February is 'many VEs are snowbirds'. Please reserve your testing in advance to avoid confusion. The paperwork starts at 6:30 P.M. & Testing promptly at 7:00 P.M. Please arrive by 6:30 P.M. to allow paperwork completition prior to testing.

EXCEPT for Field Day which is a Saturday ~ see below.

If there are no "Pre" registrations for testing we cancel the test session... again travelers beware! Check in with Tom Carpenter. Some of our VE's travel 30 miles to and then from the test site, so they need to know if someone is coming. If you register and something changes, please let us know in advance.

You can email: ki8as78 "at" (replace "at" with @) or Phone: (cell) [989] 277-2262.