SARA Ponderings

To be updated...

The amateur radio hobby is extreme in the number of specialized areas one can follow. It became much more enriched as personal computers and networking became interwoven into the ham environment (about 1980). This leads to a large number of areas that can be discussed and each area has a person or group that is constantly in a stage of advancement (changes).

SARA members wander around the internet and then ponder (think) about many diverse concepts and topics. We try to collect from members whatever they have found and place them here for others to find and use. Thus, this page is being modified and updated frequently. If you have an item of interest for hams/electronic/computers/ or local interest to central Michigan, let us know. Got an extra ten minutes check out this listing and catch up on an item.

Over the years since the Shiawassee Amateur Radio Association [SARA] started a 'Web Presence' (about 2009), we have placed 'little notes' on our home page in a left side notification area. Web viewers could read where our wanderings and ponderings had taken us. The notes cover(ed) about any area you can think of involving amateur radio and local annoucements of interest to a ham. The practice of reviewing and removing this content has lead to a point where it makes a change in the collection and display method desirable. This page will be used as the 'new strategy' for these notifications and note items. Some include 'dated notifications' and some are technical in nature and have no end dates. Also, we have items that are just news of interest for hams. We tend to find and report and post things a ham might find of interest. This collection from all the areas we discover deserve a better method of distribution. We are calling these topics "ponderings" for a wide collection of topics we want to have easily available. News and notifications will now be posted on this page.

We have started doing the collecting on this page, instead of the older 'left side menu' area. In general dated information will go from 'current' to 'historical' as you move down a topic (current items at the top of individual topics). This will be in a 'topic area'. We will have a 'page navigation menu' of topics to move quickly move thru the topics. We will provide a date posted for each topic. As always, a good method for information location is to use our page's Google search box and enter a specific word from your topic to quickly locate an content.