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SARA Home Page ~ last update: 17 May 2023

12/26/2022     Canadian Amateur Radio Section changes effective 1/1/2023. Do not forget to update all your software logging software!

The RAC {Canadian} group modified the section naming for several Canadian sections and added a couple new ones. So if you use software to log contests, like 'Winter Field Day for US and Canadian operations a 24 hours, 2 day event, beginning at 2.00pm ET Saturday January 28th 2023, and ending on Sunday January 29th at 2.00 pm ET.  {last full weekend on January}. You will require the new changes to get proper credit and proper logging. {For N3FJP users, like W8QQQ/SARA, use  as the link to version 2.8.5 as the site to use.}

Winterfield Day site: 

22 Dec 2022       {Planned} VE TEST SESSION 

We have setup the "first" live test session on the 'fourth Thursday' in December, 2022 at the Capitan Center ~ our second in almost three years! See the VE Testing link from the Misc. Info menu item at top of the page for full details. * We cancelled the session due to weather and flu issues. *  Hoping to have a go in April, 2023.

14 Dec 2022     Testing Plans {22/23} Updated on Website.

14 Dec 2022     Christmas Dinner Report ~ We had 14 attendees ~ food and service were good - company was great! 

We had our own little area in the front and our server worked hard for us. Lots of conversation around the table by all. It was great to have the guests entering into lots of discussions. All were wishing 'Merry Christmas' to all!

13 Dec 2022     Christmas Dinner Meeting (guests invited) RSVP to Don Warner, WB8GUS by 09 Dec. 

Meeting at "Rival's Cafe" with social time starting at 6:00 PM and Dinner at 6:30 PM. Please RSVP (by 09 Dec) number attending <email:> or Text/voice mail/ phone [810] 599-0729.

Come and enjoy the live company interactions!

14 Dec 2022       2023 Officers, Testing {22/23}, Meeting Minutes Updated on Website.

08 Nov 2022 SARA Officer Elections (@ Meeting). 

November 08 - A live meeting at the James P. Capitan Center; 149 E, Corunna Ave.; Corunna, MI and we use using Zoom Meeting at the same time. Building entry requires a carded entry - so pound and yell till we hear you or try calling Phil Bates at [810] 919-9906 Starting at 7:00 PM.

o8 Oct 2022 The fall Simulated Emergency Test was held Saturday, Oct 8th, 2022.