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N8DVH 2M-440

Owosso area analog voice repeaters (N8DVH) operate on 2 meters and 440 MHz. Details for the Owosso Area voice repeaters currently in operation:

  • 147.020 Mhz plus offset - Owosso (N8DVH) "closed autopatch" (100.0 PL tone required).
  • 442.400 MHz plus offset - Owosso (N8DVH) (100.0 PL tone required)

NOTE: On most repeaters with autopatch capability, emergency communications is immediately available by just entering just * 911.

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N8DVH FM Analog - Repeater System Information ~ Owosso

Al Langdon, N8DVH, is the owner and is responsible for installation, maintenance, and operation of the network. The N8DVH Repeater System uses a 100 hz (PL) tone on the repeater and is open to any properly licensed amateur radio operator. The autopatch is for approved operators only, contact Al, N8DVH for details.

A 2 meter unit operating on 147.020 MHz +0.600 offset. It uses a Spectrum reciver and transmitter. The power supply is a 35 AMP supply and is packaged with surge protectors. Output power is 50 watts high power, 10 watts low power and 8 watts emergency power. The controller is an S-COM 7K, with autopatch, a digital audio delay module and voice. The duplexer is a TX RX Systems 28-27-02A. The feedline on the system is Andrew's heliax. The antenna is a Celwave Super Station Master. The tower is 90 feet, making it 110 feet to the top of the antenna.

The UHF unit operates on 442.400 MHz +5.0 offset and has a Hamtronics R451 FM reciever with a HRA-432 low noise preamplifer and helical resonator input filters. The tranmitter is a Hamtronics TA451 UHF FM with an output of 2 watts, which feeds the Hamtronics LPA 4-10 UHF power amplifier and a final power amplifier boosting to the final output power of 100 watts. The controller is an S-COM 7K, with autopatch, a digital audio delay module and voice. The duplexer is a TX RX Systems 28-66-02A-2. The feedline on this system is Andrew's heliax. The antennas are Diamond and are mounted at the 80 foot level on the tower.

W8SHI D-Star ~ Owosso

W8SHI FM D-Star (digital) - Repeater System Information

The W8SHI D-Star Repeater System has its own Website at W8SHI Home , check it out for detail information. W8SHI is a "Gateway System", thus allowing you to talk to the world through the repeaters. The W8SHI Module C Repeater (145.240 MHz) is usually linked to Reflector 24 Module C, except for when the net meets on Mondays, when it is linked to module A. The Module B Repeater (444.300 MHz) is currently linked to Reflector 24 B which is being used by the Indiana D-Star group. Users such as mobile stations traveling through the area may unlink a repeater if it is not in use and relink it to another reflector of their choice. When the repeater is unlinked it will be automatically re-linked to the original reflector modules after a short time.

The Michigan D-Star Net is held at 8PM every Monday on Reflector 24 Module A (The Michigan Reflector). The Indiana D-STAR Net is held at 7:30PM first and third Thursdays of month on Reflector 24 Module B. The Central Ohio Net is held each Sunday at 8PM on Ref 38A. Please check out the W8SHI page for more complete information.

  • 145.240 Mhz (-0.600 offset) - Owosso (W8SHI) D-Star with Internet Gateway.
  • 444.30 Mhz (+5.0 offset) - Owosso (W8SHI) D-Star with Internet Gateway.

Checkout our area's future ARES digital communication direction.


Other amateur repeaters currently in operation in the local area:

  • 145.39 minus offset - Okemos (WB8CQM) - RACES Affiliated
  • 146.78 MHz minus offset - Fenton {KB8AUX ~ FAARA} - w/autopatch
  • 146.94 Mhz minus offset - Lansing (WB8CQM) - w/autopatch, RACES Affiliated
  • 147.24 MHz plus offset - Saginaw (K8DAC ~ SVARA) - w/autopatch, RACES Affiliated
  • 147.26 plus offset (100 Hz)- Flint (Primary KF8UI)- w/autopatch, GC ARES / MSCG / MARET
  • 147.10 plus offset (100 Hz)- Flint (Secondary KF8UI)- w/autopatch, GC ARES / MSCG / MARET

See the Flint-Genesee County web site for some additional information: Michigan Amateur Radio Emergency Team (MSCG / MARET)


Ham Radio Repeater Common Channel Spacings and Offsets

Until you become accustomed to using repeaters on all the different ham radio bands, this table may assist you with the right offsets and channel spacings to commonly used. Many radios have the standard options preprogrammed, but you need to be aware of what they should be and act accordingly.

BandOutput Freq. {MHz}Offset Frequency Output to Input
6 meters51.62 – 51.98
52.5 – 52.98
53.5 – 53.98
– 500 kHz
2 meters (a mix of 20 kHz and 15 kHz channel spacing) 145.2 – 145.5
146.61 – 146.97
147.00 – 147.39
– 600 kHz
– 600 kHz
+ 600 kHz
222 MHz or 1-1/4 meters223.85 – 224.98 – 1.6 MHz
440 MHz or 70 cm (local options determine whether inputs are above or below outputs)442 – 445
(California repeaters start at 440 MHz)
447 – 450
+ 5 MHz

– 5 MHz
1296 MHz or 23 cm1282 – 1288
1290 – 1294
– 12 MHz


The Michigan Repeater Council coordinates repeaters in the state of Michigan. Their web site is:

      Michigan Repeater Council

The Owosso Repeaters are Coordinated with the Michigan Repeater Council.

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