SARA's Detailed Information:

  • SARA Meeting Schedule ~ Meetings are the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM.
  • ARPSC/ARES/RACES Local Information  ~ Local Owosso EmComms. (We've been meeting at club location @ 6:00 PM before club meetings.)
  • SKYWARN Local Activities ~ Skywarn for Shiawassee County. We also have been meeting at 6:00 P.M. on club meeting nights at the club meeting location - open to all local hams. See "SARA Meeting Schedule" link above.
  • Meeting Minutes ~ Past SARA club meeting minutes (online).
  • SARA Club Officers ~ The SARA officers and contact information are listed.
  • Bylaws ~ The clubs rules of operation (pdf file). We are a registered non-profit organization.
  • SARA Membership Application ~ Application for joining (pdf file).
  • N3FJP is the Logging Program Used at W8QQQ ~ Station Logging Program used at W8QQQ for General Logging, Field Day, Michigan QSO Party, etc. Scott has done a great job on these programs and we reccommend them highly. They 'network' easily and work great on BBHN-HSMM network for multistation logging!
  • Video on N3FJP Field Day logging ~ Checkout this short video to see how to get started with Field Day logging.

Club's Local Events & Interests:

  • Local Events ~ Events & Operating Contest Dates  ~ Listing of activities the club supports.
  • Hamfest & SWAPS List ~ Hamfests / SWAPS / Trunk Sales {Electronic Flea Market Listings}.

Owosso VHF/UHF Repeaters:

The repeaters are not club owned or operated but are used by many members who do assist with the repeater operations. Get "On-The-Air" then stop by and say hello.

  • Analog - N8DVH ~ 147.020 MHz +offset (100 Hz) C4 Fusion & Analog/ 442.400 +offset (100 Hz) Analog Only

    This page also has some D-Star and C4FM Fusion Information and is the SARA page for 'voice repeater' information in the local area. It has some details about the N8DVH repeater.

  • DStar - W8SHI ~ 145.240 MHz -offset / 444.30 MHz +offset

    This link is direct to an 'External Page' for the Owosso D-Star Repeater [W8SHI] website.

Web Links:

W8KR - Leo Wilcox [1898-1973 SK] QSL Card Information

  • On the website, "QSL Cards from the Past" by W8JYZ, Leo has an article. Go to: Old QSL Cards Site by W8JYZ and then using 'Edit/Find in this Page' use W8KR to find the link to the article (lower left of web page). Click the link. {The "enter box" is usually on the lower bar after request 'Find in this page' ~ it is web browser dependent.} I have requested permission to directly use the article on our web page and waiting for approval, but you may view this way for now! Alright, here is a 'short cut' link directly to the article: W8KR pdf on 'OldQSLcards' site.

Volcano Sensor Video

  • "To the Heart of the Earth" video on volcano sensing network as discussed by Dennis Phillips, KC8ETW, at SARA Club meeting(s). Brief view of setting up Geological Sensors (4 minutes).


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