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Shiawassee Amateur Radio Association [SARA]

Established: January, 1958 an ARRL Affiliated Club since 1961

"Whiskey 8 Quack Quack Quack"

Meets at: James P. Capitan Center, Lower Level; 149 E. Corunna Ave.; Corunna, MI 48817 Monthly: 2nd Tuesday @ 7:00 PM

Club station located in the James P. Capitan Center - Lower Level.
Grid Square EN72wx   Latitude: 42.9819 N   Longitude: -84.1164 W   Alitude: 760 ft.

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W8QQQ Site Information

Web Security

In today's Web enviroment one needs to consider how to 'surf' effectivly and securely. Site spoofing (looks like 'your desired site', but is a fake site used to capture information from and about you), ransomware (infects your computer and demands payment to 'fix' the blockage - sometimes after you pay, you are still infected), computer virus infections and many other little "got ya" items are a few of the concerns.

It is YOUR responsibility to know where you are landing when you choose a link to follow from anywhere on the web. If you are on a site and click a link; does it actually go to where you think or somewhere else? All browsers that I have seen will show where a link leads on the bottom of the screen - do you ALWAYS check that before you click? Does it lead to a different page on the current site or take you off sailing on the internet? Using new encrypted "short" link identification, those links can sometimes be very difficult to understand.

It is not difficult to spoof a site (make it look visully look exactly like a legtimate site) and then ask for information, capture the information and then send you on to the 'real' legitimate site. It is almost impossible for a user (you) to identify and detect that you released your information to the Web. It may ask for data like: mother's maiden name; drivers license number; date and location of birth; siblings names; and even ids and passwords. Say it was a site posing as your bank, with correct logos formats and layouts, asking for information to gain access - you could give it and the site passes the information on to your bank site with the information you provided (right after it sent it to collection site on the internet). You just gave data away (released the information) and it now available to anyone - for ALL future time. If you hit two or three of these sites that are sharing data, you have a VERY SEROIUS DATA breach and you most probably will not know it (yet). When you do find out by having your funds withdrawn and debt rung up in your accounts.. you are way-way too late. It can (will) effect the rest of your life (resolving can take years of effort). Please, please be observant and do not lightly provide information via the internet. Watch those links very very closely.. the devil really is in those little details.

Our W8QQQ site will show clearly where a link goes if you just pause the mouse cursor over a link - before you click. It tells you if it is external or internal - External is somewhere else on the web and internal is just a new page on our site. In the top bar we place a 'breadcrumb' line to show you where you are located on our site (most of the line is 'clickable' to lead you back towards the 'home' page in steps, if you wish. We carefully review all the links on our pages on a regular basis. We watch for altered addressing so that the link goes to where we say we are sending you.

We provide a search box option allowing you to choose: search just the W8QQQ site or to search of the entire web - you choose what you want to try. We offer drop down menus and direct links to many pages (consistent across our site), and it leads to a quick method to get around the site. Once you catch on to our methods, you can quickly move around the site or page. Links to go to the bottom or top of a page are provided. We clustered some links inside the page footer and show when that particular page was last updated. The entire system provides you with a method to know where you are and where a link is taking you. Surf safely for your own protection, but do not browse lightly... being aware is your best safety protection.

Considerations on This Web Site

We have made choices for this site that are regularly NOT made on every web page that you visit. These choices were chosen to give a good experience on our site and allow you to surf it in a safe secure manner. We hope this leads to an enjoyable experience for you. We have collected information and links to allow access to much more information for radio amateurs (hams). Enjoy your journey here. Let use know what you like or dislike and we will consider changes. We strive to keep things updated, but the task is very time comsumming. 73's and enjoy.

Site Feedback Request  

Constructive Feedback is always welcome! We would like to make the site useful to all viewers... let us know what you would like.

The number of Web Browsers and hardware format (computer, cell phone, tablets) covered provide a huge issue in the writing of a web page. Add the old vs current revisions to all those browsers makes the job very tough. We require/request your help in keeping current. If you see something not quite right or you are having an issue (any type) with your browser/system, please email us with the type of device, browser name and version along with any details on your particular issue. Chances are very strong that you are not alone. We can only address an issue when we are told it is an issue.

We suggest keeping you brower(s) up to date at all times. It will lead to a 'safer' environment on the web. Read our section on 'Happy Browser'. Please contact us with any comments and suggestions for our content. email: W8QQQ at arrl.net

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Email Addresses    

We use (at) in almost all email addresses we list (instead of"@"). This stops "Email Robots" from sending 'junk mail' in most cases. You must replace (at) with @ to use the addresses properly.
This assists in stopping email robots from getting those addresses. Most points have 'links' that will open your email system for writing an email from inside your browser. Be advised, this does NOT stop an individual from capturing and using the email address involved. It just slows robot programs of doing the address capture.

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Printable pages  

NEW UPDATE - January, 2019 (and still working issue August, 2019) we changed the appearance of our site and 'broke' the print pages portion. We are working the issue for now!! You may wish to 'preview' the page before printing them.

OUR GOAL: Just print pages normally and our page stylesheet is to automatically supply a more 'printable' page for you ~ not print extra stuff you do not need. We try to eliminate site content that clutters the printout and costs you ink and paper. We use a 'large print font' to make the pages easy to read. Let us know if you use this feature and/or if you like this feature.

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Link Information  

Both "Internal" & "External Links" are used on our site. External Links open in a new tab, which you may close when you wish to leave that area ~ see our statement below. For 'Internal Links' you will remain on the 'SARA / W8QQQ' site. It is best to 'back page arrow', if you want to remain on the SARA site. We provide the additional link information using link labels... just "hover" a few moments on any link to see what type of link and where you are pointing to. We try to let you know where you are surfing to, before you get away or jump to an unwanted link! Knowing where you are jumping to on the web is a very huge security topic. If you do not want to be hacked (stealing your personal information), learn to watch this carefully. A few seconds can save weeks or years of effort trying to retrive and recover your personal data and repairing your system and /or financial status! Our 'internal link' should move you to the new point. You can use the "back page" arrow in your bowser to get back to where you started. This works page-to-page or inside any given page.

EXTERNAL LINK(S) When you see this notice on a link, you are leaving the W8QQQ / Shiawassee Amateur Radio Association [SARA] Website . The web site link listed / selected is an external site located on another server. SARA has no responsibility for any of the external web site(s) you may visit. SARA neither endorses the information, content, presentation, or accuracy nor makes any warranty, express or implied, regarding any external site. Be aware that the privacy policy or security of the linked site are not that of SARA. It is your responsibilty to insure the link meets your requirements. Thank you for being on our site and enjoy our wish for a safe and secure surfing environment!

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Link Validity  

We do regular web link checks to insure links are valid. We check to insure they point to where we think they should jump to. This helps insure links are current and valid. This helps keep spoofing levels much lower. 'Spoofing' is jumping to a place or site you do not know about and is used by hackers. They can gain access to your personal data without your knowledge in this manner. On the web: "Know where you really are and where you are going". The job is difficult in checking all the links and we can make errors, so if you find a broken or invalid link, please send us a notice.

We do strive to keep links valid and up-to-date by using "Xenu" a link checking site. We have thousands of links to manage (well at least 1,450) on this site so PLEASE take the time to let use know if you find any link issues. We have over 1400 external links ~ that leads to a huge amount of information for your use.

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Valid site HTML code 

We use only valid HTML and CSS coding for your comfort and safety. This makes it a little harder for virus and trojans to attach and/or attack the site and more importantly your computer.

     Valid HTML5 Code ~ validation via HTML 5.2 Standards group - World Wide Web Consortium [W3C] (2019).

     Using HTML5 Conformance Checker ~ a W3C process. We also use a similar process to make sure our Cascading Style Sheets [CSS] are in conformance.

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Responsive Paging  

We made the site 'responsive' and converted to HTML5, so that phones and other small portable devices could more easily use the site. They do look better on the devices I have been able to check. The changes help us make site changes and updates in a quicker and more controlled manner. {We have migrated to the HTML 5.2 standards and continue to be 'up-to-date'. This may cause "menu issues" on some earlier browsers. We suggest you move to "current browser" standards (this helps protect your systems). This is 'an industry' issue. See the "Happy Browser" information below, to check what is 'up-to-date' for your browser.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is about creating web sites which automatically adjust themselves to look good on all devices, from small phones to large desktops. It is a little harder than it sounds!

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Web Content Updates  

Labels at the bottom of each page (footer) informs you when that specific page was last updated. This helps you know when we last changed something and you can verify when content was last reviewed and updated. Using 'Old' data from any site can lead to security issues. What happens if that site has been hacked with spoffed links?? Good bye security!

Please double check Ham SWAP & Club information as this content seems to be continuing under constant changes! Please check with any specific organization's data before making your plans to travel. We strive to keep content up-to-date, but we cannot guarantee the data at any point... please check your data.

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Page Navigation  

We provde navigation links on some pages to move around the page. Hopefully you find these useful. Use the back arrow on your browser to move back where you started when using a link.

Use the "Google" search box at the top of each page (header) to search our site OR the entire Web (you choose). Navigation links will be at top and bottom of a page when used. We provide 'jump links' to quickly move around the page (top or footer types).

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Site Mapping and Breadcrumbs  

Site mapping is provided in the top breadcrumb line ~ so you can easily understand the web site structure (where are the link pathes have placed you). These mean you can see where you are on our site and with a click move backward if you desire.

A "breadcrumb" is that little line at the top of a page that indicates what specific page you are currently viewing. The 'path' from the home page to the specific location and 'clickable portions' to backup if desired.

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Google Searching  

The search bar at the top lets you search your topic on our site or the complete internet/Web. You choose the breadth of your search with a button choice.

No need to jump out to a separate search engine if you want "full web searching" on something, enter your term and just click a button. Default is set to our site only.

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Happy Browser?  

The browser you use to view our pages should be a 'modern version'. Is yours 'up to date?' An outdated browser makes you computer 'unsafe' from a security view point. Viewing the "navigation menu" using an "IE v9.0" or earleir has security issues (as an example). Many browser updates are filling security holes in the browser system. Perhaps try Firefox Mozilla or Google Chrome for better viewing under Vista with improved security. ALWAYS USE THE NEWEST BROWSER VERSION ON YOUR SYSTEM! for best security of your data/system.

You can check here to see what version of the many various BROWSER applications is actually current and it has links to update yours if required => Browse Happy Web Site. If you are using an 'old' browser version, then you have a large security risk on your system. Note: All browsers are NOT created equal when viewed from a security vantage point! Choose wisely.

... enjoy our site and a GREAT BIG 73! de W8QQQ  


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