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Shiawassee Amateur Radio Association [SARA]

Established: January, 1958  an ARRL Affiliated Club since 1961

"Whiskey 8 Quack Quack Quack"

Meets at: James P. Capitan Center, Lower Level; 149 E. Corunna Ave.; Corunna, MI 48817

Club station located in the James P. Capitan Center - Lower Level.
Grid Square EN72wx   Latitude: 42.9819 N   Longitude: -84.1164 W   Alitude: 760 ft.


ARES logo

    HF Emergency Frequency for Michigan is 3932 kHz

    {or 7232 kHz or 1.892 Mhz as required}

Others frequencies can be announced!   Also, try searching: ARRL.org for additional information during emergency events.


    Michigan VHF Emergency Frequencies

    VHF Emergency Frequencies by County (link to map with frequencies)

    Shiawassee County ARES is 147.525 Mhz {current plan - 12 Apr 2019}    

ARRL ARES E-letter Site

The ARRL publishes a monthly letter on ARES topics. A complete archive is at: ARRL ARES E-Letters. Please take the time to read the last few as they contain good information on various programs.

   NOTE: Shiawassee County Skywarn has it's own page!

A link is here or go through the site menu system: Skywarn Page.

SAFECOM Public Communication Plan

US Department of Homeland Security

Check the following links for information and background:

You may wish to check these out as well:

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Below are many links to Emergency Information for Michigan Hams:

New - May, 2018

The Shiawassee County ARES group has set up a 'google drive' for holding various forms and files. The drive is designated as "w8shi78" and requires permission and you being signed in to gain access (contact Dennis Phillips, KC8ETW) to get permissions. A link to the drive is here: "W8SHI78 Shared Folder". A complete set of ICS forms for message handling is in this drive.

Shiawassee County ARPSC

Amateur Radio Public Service Corps [ARPSC] is a compliation of emergency and community services with the goal of providing a fully integrated communications team to support Public Service Agencies at the local community, state (Michigan) and national levels (United States). The ARPSC combines support for ARES [Amateur Radio Emergenvy Services], RACES [Radio Amateur Radio Civil Emergency Services] and Skywarn [a service provided in cooperation with the National Weather Service].

ARES provides communications for any non-commericial event where a need exists. ARES is administered by the ARRL - Amateur Radio Relay League. Note that ARES can support any need, not just emergencies. If a local group needs communication capabilities, ARES is the local amateur radio support group to assist.

RACES supports emergency events using the government level (State or Federal) whenever a need additional communications support is required. Generally, the Governor of a state or their duly appointed Representative makes the call for support (or at a national level). The goverment must start the "request for support". RACES is administered by Federal Emergency Management [FEMA], a branch of Homeland Security. Additional clarification can be found by reading the FCC Part 97 Rules.

Skywarn is administered by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration [NOAA] National Weather Service [NWS] Division. There are four National Weather Service sites in Michigan - Detroit/White Lake, Grand Rapids, Gaylord and Marquette.

Michigan ARPSC [state level] has a web site at: Michigan ARPSC

Shiawassee County ARPSC is open to all hams in the area ~ you do not need to join SARA. SARA does attempt to coordinate the activities and maintain an inventory of people and equipment for use in the area. Please contact us if you can provide support so we can add you to the database (see link below)! Thanks.

A question we need to find the answer for is: How many Shiawassee County hams have completed the basic National Incident Management System (NIMS) requirements? This is done by completing the required four basic Incident Command System courses (ICS 100, 200, 700 and 800). Can we have your status? PLEASE - Contact us (email in footer of every W8QQQ page).


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Shiawassee County Coordination

The Shiawassee County ARPSC coordinates local activity. ARES is usually where things start (can be 'loacally triggered'). The ARES group provides communication during emergency operations or local events when other forms of public communications fail to satisfy requirements. Using even the simplest of radio setups and antennas, amateurs can communicate with each other for fun or during emergency support, and in contest operations. The communication practice local amateurs get during events for fun or operating in contests, greatly assists them in the support of local events or emergencies. They are better able to handle messages for police and other public service organizations due to this 'regular practice'. It is important to keep your communication skills sharp!

The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) consists of licensed amateurs who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment for communications duty in the name of public service. Every licensed amateur, regardless of membership in ARRL or any other local (SARA) or national organization, is eligible for membership in our ARES group. The only qualification, other than possession of an Amateur Radio license, is a sincere desire to serve. Because ARES is an amateur service, only amateurs are eligible for membership. The possession of emergency-powered equipment is desirable, but is not a requirement for membership. The importance is placed on a desire to support the people in our local area.

SARA maintains some equipment [club owned] for use with an emergency. The club insures that this club equipment is ready whenever it may be needed.

Amateur Radio Emergency Coordinator [EC] for Shiawassee County (Communications):

For the most current SHIAWASSEE COUNTY {local} information, contact Phil Bates.

Phil Bates, AC8FW

Email via: ac8fw (at) arrl.net (replace 'at' with @)

Phone (cell) is [810] 919-9906

Phil, our county EC, handles the coordination of ARES, RACES & Skywarn Communications for Shiawassee county.

The county has two assistant ECs, Kevin Middleton, K8MID, and Don Warner, WB8GUS. Additional contact information is below in the Shiawassee County ARPSC People Inventory List (table).

Shiawassee County Emergency Operations Center

201 E. McArthur St., Corunna, MI 48817 ~ Sheriff's Office

Phone (office) is [989] 743-2620

Fax [989] 743-6423

Emergency Management Homeland Security Coordination for Shiawassee County:

EOC Manager ~ Trent Atkins, KD8HQB

Email via: tatkins at shiawassee.net (replace 'at' with @)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

EOC Assistant ~ Troy Gorden

Email via: tgordon at shiawassee.net (replace 'at' with @)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

EOC Assistant ~ Amateur Radio Coordinator ~ Rick Smith, N1TXF

Email via: macsuist117 at yahoo.com (replace 'at' with @)

Phone (home) is [989] 661-2590

Phone (cell) is [989] 323-9951

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

See Shiawassee County Web Site: Shiawassee County; Emergency Management / Homeland Security  

Shiawassee County ARES is registered with the ARRL using the Federal Information Processing Standard Publications [INCITS 31}. See Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FIPS_county_code for information on those identification details. The complete code is state and county specific: MI,26,155,Shiawassee County,H1 is the 'complete registry number'. The shorthand often used is Shiawassee-155-MI. We are registered with the ARRL Volunteer program. If interested in being a volunteer please register on: ARRL Volunteer ARES Connect site. After registering, please connect often and record your activities. Volunteers do rock! Events will be posted and you should see emails with notification information.

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Shiawassee County ~ AMATEUR RADIO INVENTORIES ~ Please Send Along "YOUR" data.

Some List Data is NOT actual at this time. It is to be updated as information gets supplied ~ now just example data ~ NOT factual. See 'last updated dates' above each table.

Part of Emergency Management planning is to understand exactly what resourses are available to support a future need. When available, a good list can then be quickly compared to the actual needs (at the start of the emergency). Any shortfall can then be quickly assessed and plans put in place to obtain adequate coverage. Historically, locally, we have not done very well in keeping the 'curent local inventory' lists up to date. SARA wants to provide a leadership role in this area for Shiawassee County. Therefore, we are starting [in 2018] to gather and post information for usage to served agencies. This will be a 'growing procss' as we develop the structure and obtain real information. The following area will track our process. AGAIN, THIS IS 'EXAMPLE' DATA' ~ not real at this time (January, 2016). A goal is to have 'real data' updated very soon (spring 2018). We have developed an 'Individual Inventory Form' [a link] for local amateurs to fill in and provide their capabilities for inclusion below. IF YOU ARE A "LOCAL" Ham, please take the time to fill out a copy and submit (email/snail mail will work, just get information back to us!).

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Shiawassee County ARPSC People Inventory Modified ~ 2019

List Data last updated: 12-Apr-2019

A list of radio amateur radio operators in Shiawassee County who indicated an interest in supporting local events. Further divided into community events (ARES), emergency events (ARES & RACES) and Skywarn (Weather Spotting). Contact information if the person wishes is to be published. There 'may be' additional capabilities for individuals not listed (clearance to list declined). SARA will keep a 'private list' of these "other capabilties" in their files. It is important that you still need to submit an inventory form ~ link above. The data maybe shared with FEMA for their usage on local inventories. County is assumed Shiawassee unless noted otherwise.

Title / CountyCall SignNameLocal EventsARESRACESSkywarnCityPhone~Type & Numberemail
Emergency CoordinatorAC8FWPhil BatesXXXXCorunnaC [810] 919-9906ac8fw 'at' arrl.net
Ast. ECK8MIDKevin MiddletonXXXOwossoC [989] 323-9722k8mid.73 'at' gmail.com
Ast. ECWB8GUSDon WarnerXXXXByronC [810] 599-0729wb8gus 'at' arrl.net
District 1 EC, MichiganWM8ATim Crane XXXLindenC [810] 429-6180timwm8a 'at' gmail.com
EOC Ast. ~ Ham RadioN1TXFRick Smith XXXOakleyC [989] 323-9951macsuist117 'at' yahoo.com
N8IESTom Oliver XXXBancroftC [989] 239-4570n8ies 'at' yahoo.com
AB8VSMike RotheXXXXOwossoC [989] 413-9697ab8vs 'at' charter.net
KI8ASTom CarpenterXXXXOwossoC [989] 277-2262ki8as78 'at' gmail.com
KC8ETWDennis PhillipsXXXXPerryC [269] 986-1942dephillipsmi 'at' gmail.com
KF5MYQMichael MiddletonXCorunnaC [575] 725-7258mikelm80 'at' moc.com
K8DZHChuck Dafoe XBancroftC [810] 444-0340cdafoe 'at' frontier.com

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Shiawassee County ARPSC Training InventoryModified ~ 2018

List Data last updated: 12-Apr-2019

Class completion information follows below. Use link: Shiawassee County RACES Classes to get to class course requirements quickly.

Call SignNameICS-100.bICS-200.bICS-700.aICS--800ICS-300ICS-400SkywarnARES CardRACES Card
AC8FW Phil Bates XXXX X
K8MID Kevin MiddletonX X
WB8GUS Don Warner XXX X
WM8A Tim Crane XXXX X
AB8VS Mike Rothe XXXX X
KF5MYQ Mike Middleton X
KC8ETW Dennis PhillipsX X
N8IES Tom Oliver X
KI8AS Tom Carpenter
K8DZX Chuck Dafoe X

Green background is the 'Basic Required' Classes for ARES.

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Shiawassee County ARPSC Equipment Inventory

List Data is NOT actual at this time. To be updated as information gets supplied ~ now just an example.


Emergency Power Generation

Call SignHome StationPortablePortable Watts (without impact to 'Home EM Power')
WB8GUSNoYes 5500


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HF Support

An X below means you have equipment that can be supplied, if requested.

Home Base Radio Equipment {Rx, Tx, TRx}

Call Sign160806040302017151210


Portable Radio Equipment {Rx, Tx, TRx}

Call Sign160806040302017151210


Mobile Radio Equipment {Rx, Tx, TRx}

Call Sign160806040302017151210

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VHF/UHF Support

Home Base Radio Equipment {Rx, Tx, TRx}

An X means you have equipment that can be supplied, if requested.
Call SignD-StarC4 Fusion2M(146MHz)1.25M(220)70cm(440)


Portable Radio Equipment {Rx, Tx, TRx} Fixed spot ~ not Mobile

Call SignD-StarC4 Fusion2M(146MHz)1.25M(220)70cm(440)


Mobile Radio Equipment {Rx, Tx, TRx}

Call SignD-StarC4 Fusion2M(146MHz)1.25M(220)70cm(440)


Handheld Radio Equipment {TRx}

Call SignD-StarC4 Fusion2M(146MHz)1,25M(220)70cm(440)

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Network Support ~ Broad Band Ham Net

HSMM Support

The number indicates equipment that can be supplied, if requested.
Call SignHSMM RoutersTabletLaptopPortable DesktopHome Ham Computer
WB8GUS 4 1 2 1
K8MID 6 1 1
AB8VS 7 1 3 4 1

Antenna support levels will need to be addressed in the near future.

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AREDN Support

The number indicates AREDN equipment / frequency band that can be supplied, if requested.
Call Sign2.4 GHz Routers3.4 GHz Routers5.8 GHz RoutersHome ARDEN Station(s)
WB8GUS 0 0 0 0
K8MID 0 0 0 0
AB8VS 0 0 0 0
KF5MTQ 0 0 0 0

Antenna support levels for networking needs to be addressed in the future (availability/portable/path lengths, etc.).

Shiawassee County currently (2019) does not have a 'coordinated' network approach... we will work on it. For getting started in AREDN we suggest you go to GitHub site and read the PDF files "arednGettingStarted" and "arednHow-toGuides". Perhaps the "How to use GitHub for AREDN.md" to get you up to speed quickly. Do not forget the AREDN home site for more information.

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ARPSC & ARES - MI State Wide

Links to the state level orgnizations.

Michigan State Wide Information:
Michigan Section ARPSC Website ~ Part of ARES
Michigan Section ARES Website ~ Part of ARPSC
Michigan Section ARES Districts for Michigan


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Michigan ARES District 1

ARES Michigan Information {web link}

ARES MI District One Contact Information:

District Emergency Coordinator ~ District 1

Timopthy Crane, WM8A, from Genesee County
Box 128
Linden, Michigan. 48451
Contact: [810] 429-6180
Email via: timwm8a at gmail.com (replace at with @)

Michigan DISTRICT Coordinator Level {Contact Information}:

Michigan Section District Emergency Coordinator Listing by District {web link}

Michigan District One ~ County Emergency Coordinators:

Clinton - 'vacant'
Eaton - Jeff Frank, N8HEE
Gratiot - Bill Rogers, KC8OUF
Hillsdale - Daniel Sprow, KC8RYF
Ingham/ Lansing - Jim Hannahs, KC8QWH
Jackson - Tim Bair, WD8PMD
Lenawee - Cletus A. Brooks, K8TLT
Livingston - Bruce Pollock, N8WWX
Shiawassee - Phil Bates, AC8FW


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RACES - National Level

RACES United States Information: National RACES Website

RACES is for radio amateurs only. A general citizen emergency prepardness class 'IS-22' was available for all people desiring to be prepared and should be required for all. "IS-909: Community Prepardness"

It is a great place to start community prepardness.

Required Courses for RACES membership (in most areas) has been upgraded due to Homeland Security Public Safety NIMS [National Incident Management System] requirements. These training course will take approximately 20.5 hours to complete, but when taken one at a time, are not difficult. NOTE: Retain your completion records as they are required to become registered.

Notice: Independent Study Exams now require a FEMA Student Identification (SID) Number. If you do not yet have a SID, register for one today: https://cdp.dhs.gov/sso/login {this is the 'log-in' site and has link for registering}.

If you have an inquiry regarding the FEMA Independent Study Program, NIMS or other Emergency Management Institute (EMI) related requests such as: requests for certificates, transcripts, online test scores/results, please contact the FEMA Independent Study program office at 301-447-1200 or email Independent.Study@fema.dhs.gov for further assistance. Please do not contact the FEMA SID Help Desk as they are unable to provide assistance with these requests.

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Shiawassee County RACES / Training

The following 'required' classes (2019) are used for RACES membership and they are FREE at the Incident Command System FEMA training site. Start and work through them to become a registered volunteer. Shiawasse County would like to have all amateurs in the county complete the required and reccomended/desired courses by the end of 2018. Keep training and complete the 'recommended' clases (five of these) as soon as your time allows. Having indivuals being 'cross trained' would make it much easier to go from an ARES to RACES level (or the other way). Both are actually needed to support the full emergency plans for Shiawassee county. Addionally, Skywarn training would completely round out the desired indivual training and allow full support for all llocal emergency activities. Please let SARA know of your efforts (email or in person) so we can add you to the county wide inventory (it is NOT just a 'club thing'.

Here is a good read from FEMA on Emergency Prepardness. It has links for most types of emergencies with detailed content. {This appears to be the 'replacement' for the §IS-22 information}.

Links for the Required and Depricated classes in the 'Class Number' column below lead to a class overview for the individual course. On that web page is a link to the "Interactive Web Based Course" for the class.

Shiawassee County ~ RACES Training Classes Modified ~ 25 July 2018

Shiawassee Cty.Class Number Class NameTime Estimate
Desired§IS-22  Are You Ready? An In-Depth Guide to Citizen PreparednessNo Online Course ~ 10 Hrs
Deprecated§IS-100.b  Introduction to Incident Command System [ICS]3 hours
Required§IS-100.c  Introduction to the Incident Command System2 hours
Required§IS-200.b  ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents3 hours
Deprecated§IS-700.a  National Incident Management System [NIMS] An Introduction3 hours
Required§IS-700.b  National Incident Management System [NIMS] An Introduction3.5 hours
Recommended§IS-701.a  NIMS Multiagency Coordination System [MACS] Course5 hours
Recommended§IS-702.a  National Incident Management System [NIMS] Public Information Systems3 hours
Recommended§IS-703.a  NIMS Resource Management3.5 hours
Required§IS-800  National Response Framework, An Introduction3.0 hours
Recommended§IS-300.b  Intermediate ICS for Expanding Incidents????
Recommended§IS-400.b  National Response Framework, An Introduction????
AdvancedE/L-969  All-Hazzards Position Specific Communications Unit Leaderwith Instructor Only


You may wish to look at a 'more general' training list found at: National Incident Management System (NIMS). This has a list of all courses.

Note the IS-100.c and IS-700.b are updated versions of the IS-100.b and IS-700.a courses (now deprecated - July 2018). If you have successfully completed a previous version of a course there is no FEMA requirement to take the revised versions of the courses at this time. However, because these courses contain new information based on the revised NIMS, October 2017, you may find it informative to review the new versions of these courses. The new courses will be available through FEMA's EMI website as they get updated.

ICS 300/400, G191, G402, and G-775 are coordinated by local Emergency Management Agencies, please contact them directly for course offerings in your area. Contact information for State or Territorial Emergency Management Agencies can be found at https://training.fema.gov/programs/aps/stolist.aspx

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Nets ~ ARPSC, ARES, etc.

Michigan Section ARPSC Net Scheduling:

The Michigan ARPSC Net meets each Sunday at 1700 local time near 3.932 MHz. If conditions warrant, the net will meet near 7.232 MHz. These are the designated Michigan Emergency Frequencies. 1.932 is also a designated Emergency Frequency, but at 1700 local time it is unlikely that conditions would require that frequency.

Net control duties rotate among the various districts with a member of the section staff assuming net control duties on the first Sunday of each month. See MI-ARPSC Net Control Schedule


Nets for CW, Emergency, MARS and NTS

Click the name and it will take you to a Net's "WEB Site", for further information.
MI-ARPSC NET -- ARPSC Net (Sunday @ 17:00 local ~ 3.932 MHz or 7.232/1.932 if Req'd)
MI-Section NETs -- Michigan ARRL Section NETs
ARRL NET DIRECTORY -- ARRL Net Directory Search... Start a search from here!
National Traffic System -- From Westchester County, NY
National Traffic System History -- Yep - What it says ;>)
CW Nets -- FISTS Net
CW Nets -- From The 3905 Century Club
RTTY Nets -- From The 3905 Century Club
U.S. Coast Guard -- USCG Amateur Radio Net


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Click the name and it will take you to further information.
Michigan ARPSC ~ Amateur Radio Public Service Corps
Bay County ARPSC
Genesee County ARES is (M.S.C.G.) Michigan Specialized Communications Group, Inc. using (M.A.R.E.T.) Michigan Amateur Radio Emergency Team name.
Livingston County ARPSC (ARES/RACES)
Macomb County ARPSC (ARES/RACES) [OLD LINK ??]
St. Clair County ARPSC
Washtenaw County ARPSC


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Some Learning Opportunities on ARES Topics

Technical Topics

Learn more on making Powerpole connections, soldering, building dual band J-Pole antennas and other technical topics of special interest to public service operators from ARRL. Click here.

Digital Modes for ARES/RACES

Learn more on current digital modes used for incident and event communications and operating on ARRL Operating Topics.

FCC Part 97 Emergency Opreration Topics

Information and learning how the FCC Part 97 amateur service rules apply to emergency communications, RACES and drills from ARRL.

Know Your ICS Forms!

It's important for all active ARES operators to be familiar with the now ubiquitous forms used under the Incident Command System during incidents and events. A great page from FEMA's website lists and has PDF (downloadable, and fillable) files of all ICS Forms. An ICS Forms Booklet is also available.

As an example of use, in the ARRL South Texas Section, all Emergency Coordinators are asked to complete an ICS-217A form for their respective county's radio assets. See the ARRL South Texas Section ARES.

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