SARA meets at Baker College, Building 16 - Room 1632 on second Tuesday of the month.

SARA Club Information

The Shiawassee Amateur Radio Association [SARA] is a non-profit amateur radio organization in central Michigan. Our club is dedicated to public service, emergency communications, and the advancement of amateur radio through education and technical excellence. We have a club station and operate with the club call sign, W8QQQ. Members are allowed to operate the station on a scheduled basis.

SARA invites anyone with an interest in amateur radio or public service to come to a meeting and/or join our club. Meetings are generally the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM (check schedule as we do not meet on all months). Dues are $15.00 a year. You can join our group at any of our monthly meetings or by contacting Tom Carpenter, Treasurer at [517] 579-0599 or email W8QQQ at:

W8QQQ at {replace the at with the @ symbol}


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SARA's Constitution and Bylaws can be read here.

Application to SARA is here.

W8QQQ Web Site Map ~ SARA Site Map {Layout}.

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New Interest in Ham Radio or want to 'upgrade'?

Please see SARA's "New Ham Interest" menu items on the right side menu topic for detailed information from SARA. For license study, check out this site:

    Ham Test Online-- GREAT site for Beginners & any License Upgrades

Drop into a club meeting and ask for assistance, we have members who can guide your learning and assist in the licensing process.

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Get an Official Copy of your Ham Radio License.

  1. Go to FCC ULS system.
  2. In the box on their form just type in your hamcall and hit 'enter'.
  3. When it finds your call in their database it will be a form with your call displayed as a 'hyperllink', then click your call.
  4. At the top of the next form {near the top in small print}, click on the "Reference Copy" link.
  5. The ULS will then send your browser a PDF file that contains a copy of your license as originally mailed to you {a 'download'}. Write down the downloaded file name.
  6. Find the file that was downloaded and print, email, etc. as you please. Hint: Rename the file so you can locate and use it on your computer easily.

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SARA's Yahoo Group:

SARA has a group called "W8QQQ" on Yahoo Groups and invites anyone interested to join us (it is free to join). We have photos of various SARA events posted in this group, club meeting reminders, club postings, etc.. You must register to join the group which you can do on the 'enter group' link for our group.

Go to the group page here.W8QQQ Yahoo Groups Page.

or join the group here: W8QQQ Yahoo Group here:

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